Visual Studio Code improved Hover Feedback and Debugging

Progamming May 10, 2021

The newest version of Visual Studio Code (VSCode) was officially released on May 5th. This integrated development environment (IDE) is one of the best free open source projects made by Microsoft and supported by their developer community.  Visual Studio Code 1.56 brings improvements to hover feedback, debugging, and Docker support.

This release is also known as the April 2021 release, VSCode 1.56 changes the mouse hover feedback for all clickable actions around the workbench to offer a dramatically improved user experience. A new debugger extension API enables language extensions to provide correct inline value support, with improved inline values enabled by default. The Debugger for Java extension and the Inline Values support for PowerShell extension are both taking advantage of the new API changes.

Work is still continuing on the Remote Development extensions that allow a developer to use a Docker container and or a remote machine, or even the  Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) as a full-featured development environment. Some of the highlights in the 1.56 release include a new volume view when developers use the Clone Repository in Container Volume command, a local terminal warning when you are connected to a remote environment, and even a prompt to install the Docker Desktop application when you start with the Remote – Containers extension.

VSCode 1.56 is following last month’s release of Visual Studio Code 1.55, which has featured breakpoints improvements. Other important capabilities in VSCode 1.56 include a new terminal picker, tabs in the terminal – a feature that is being previewed in this release – and profile improvements for the terminal.


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