Prisma for NodeJS is ready for Production Environments

Progamming May 1, 2021

Prisma, one of the coolest object-relational mapping (ORM) toolsets is now released. This means that we can now address a big bottleneck working with relational databases. Prisma supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and SQL Server. There is also some support for MongoDB in the works as we speak.

After two long years of heavy development, Prisma, the company behind the technology, finally has a production-ready release. As a lot of people know, databases can be one of the hardest and most challenging things for people to create for applications. Data modeling, schema migrations, and writing database queries are pretty common tasks for developers. The company says – and I tend to agree from my experience – that there are not enough toolsets in the ecosystem to help deal with this issue. Prism is trying to help fill this important niche.

I strongly believe that developers should care about data rather than SQL. The Prisma is providing a type-safe API for database queries, returning plain old JavaScript objects. Three tools are featured, which can be used together or individually in any NodeJS or TypeScript application:

  • Prisma Client, an auto-generated, type-safe query builder for Node.js and TypeScript.
  • Prisma Migrate, an imperative database schema migration tool to keep a database schema in sync with a Prism schema and maintain existing data in a database.
  • Prisma Studio, a GUI to view and edit data in a database.

Every application that uses Prisma starts with a pretty nice Prisma schema file, with the schema allowing developers to define application models in an intuitive data modeling language. The schema enables the configuration of the data source, generator, and data model. These models map to a table in the underlying database.

Instructions for setting up Prisma can be found at


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