Angular 12 improves performance and so much more

Progamming Apr 24, 2021

Angular 12, a massive planned upgrade to Google’s popular TypeScript-based web framework. It has now moved to a release candidate stage – with the production version due somewhere in May. This upgrade bringing enhancements to performance, the compiler, DOM elements, and so much more.

Officially published just a few days ago, the Angular 12 Release Candidate – easily accessible from GitHub – features a performance improvement to the compiler that reduces the amount of generated code for safe accesses and nullish coalescing. This is done by reusing variables in nested nullish coalescing expressions and not initializing temporary variables to null.

Before the official release candidate, there were 10 beta releases issued for Angular 12. The new features and improvements in Angular 12 include the following as listed below:

A variety of bug fixes also are featured, affecting the compiler, compiler-cli, Bazel build tool, the router, and other parts of Angular. A full list of changes can be found on GitHub. The current Angular 11 line debuted as a production release in November.


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